The Claus Supremacy

The Claus Supremacy is the first of Ratio's animated feature films.  The project is fully scripted and a number of financiers have indicated their interest in funding production.

The film starts with a typical winter holiday scene. Snow falling, beautiful landscapes, quaint villages and almost Dickensian cityscapes – but with the curious juxtaposition of ‘modern life’ conveniences. A ucronian world.

A voice over (actually one of our principal characters, the incumbent Santa Claus, Benedict IV) describes the Christmas ideal – the story of Santa, the children, parents shopping, food on the table, feast and family time. His voice is deep and generous in tone.

We accelerate away from these scenes and out into space from where we can see the Earth far below – part in daylight, part in night. We go back Earthwards in to the night time part of Earth. Lights appear and we arrive on the roof of a particular house as Santa arrives with his reindeer and his presents.

Santa jumps into the chimney and we follow him, scooting downwards, then reverse back upwards, leaving Santa at the base of the chimney and we pull back and zoom to a small village in another part of the world where another Santa is delivering more presents.

Our narrator, Benedict IV (also the principal Santa, for we’ll discover that he is the ‘boss’ of a large number of Santa Claus) explains that there is, in actuality, more than one Santa.

The story continues with exciting set pieces and plenty of holiday music and fun...