The Messenger Pre-Production Complete

The production team have finished pre-production on The Messenger.  The production team led a production meeting in which we conferred and talked through the schedule for the four week shoot, which starts on Monday 21 July 2014.

A production meeting is convened usually a few days before the actual shoot starts. It is planned to allow enough time for any issues arising to be dealt with in good time and is attended by many of the production crew and all heads of department.  The various departments - production, direction, camera, sound, art, costume, hair and make-up, locations, and electrical - liaise, voice any concerns and tidy up any outstanding matters.  Line Producer, Karl Hall, opened the meeting before handing over to first assistant director, Dom Davey, who chaired the rest of the discussion.

Most departments reported that they were ready to shoot and any outstanding issues were immediately resolved.