Our Manchester Locations

This week (starting yesterday, 28 July 2014) is one of night work. Unit call will be as late as 3pm in the afternoon, with finishes in the early hours. We have crew working on the film who have remained effusive and fun nonetheless.

The earlier part of the week saw us take up residence in central Manchester. We needed a nice looking apartment to be one of our main character’s residence, and found a great duplex overlooking the city centre that not only gave us the views across the Manchester skyline but also vantage points from which we were able to shoot into the main room. The weather was fantastic, too. Rainy City, I think not! I hope that last sentence doesn’t come back to haunt me...

We had Robert Sheehan, Jack Fox, Tamzin Merchant and David O’Hara on this location. Director, David Blair had a very busy time, in the nicest possible way. Our charming cast were fantastic, one even offered, over lunch, to get me a free mobile phone, which I took with a pinch of salt as he was in character at the time. One of the privileges of being on set with such talented people is that you get to see a little of how they work, often staying in the role even during breaks in the filming. This allows them to be spot on their marks when demanded. Not to say, however, that it can be disappointing when the free cell phone doesn’t materialise!

It’s also great to see the collaborative nature of the work, with the various heads of department and crew members interacting with the sole objective of making The Messenger all it can be.

We’re in Manchester for the rest of the week, albeit at different locations.