Hooked is written by Ratio collaborators Scope Colen and Rip Colen.  It's scripted and we're currently talking with potential financiers.

Author Richard Smart has travelled to Paris from London planning to move permanently to his holiday house in the Languedoc. He has recently left his wife of twenty three years. Emotionally, he is a paradoxical mix of happiness and sadness. He stays the first night of his new life in an expensive Paris hotel before planning to continue south. That first night is spent in the bar more drowning his sorrows than celebrating his new found freedom. Through the sadness of his immediate situation he is able, however, to look forward and imagines a life of happiness and joy. He spends the night in the bar, making small talk with the barman, who seems to like him.

Richard heads off to his room but he is approached by a beautiful hysterical thirty-something French woman (Veronique) from the next bedroom who apparently needs help with her husband, a well-known local businessman (Anthony) who is very unwell. There are a couple of wraps of cocaine on the coffee table and a mirror is scattered with white dust. Whilst Richard offers first aid, Veronique leaves to call the paramedics. When they arrive, Richard has managed to keep Anthony alive, and he is rushed off to hospital. Veronique is nowhere to be seen.

In the early hours, Richard is visited in his hotel room by Police Inspector Jacques Blanc (a gentle intelligent man in his early fifties) who tells him that Anthony has survived but has been blinded by a poison, and questions him about his involvement. Richard explains what happened. Blanc leaves giving Richard his card and asking him not to leave Paris without speaking to him again. Next morning, Richard wakes up to the phone ringing. Anthony's wife wants to thank him for his help. She tells him she is in the next room collecting Anthony's stuff. Richard hurries to the room, excited at the prospect of seeing Veronique again. The woman who greets him at the door is Anthony's actual wife: Helen.

When Richard manages to get Veronique’s telephone number from the barman, he is disappointed by Veronique’s reaction to him calling. However, he manages to manipulate her into a meeting. From this point onwards, we are led on a journey of revelation about Veronique, Richard, and Anthony and his wife, all of whom have intriguing pasts, and into exciting set pieces as the story unfolds.