God's Acre

God's Acre is directed by JP Davidson. Matt Jure leads.

View the God's Acre trailer below.

Heavy drinking, agoraphobic, ex property developer Malcolm has lost almost everything to the recession. He has one remaining property, his only chance of escape from a lifetime trapped in a cycle of debt. He needs to renovate and sell... fast. But work comes to a premature halt when he discovers the layout of his home doesn’t match the original plans. Partition walls have been erected over the originals entombing a dark secret within.

Even More Words About Us

Ratio Film’s vision is to create a virtual studio, which runs lean and bears the weight of only minimal overheads. The film industry is in a period of fast moving innovation, with the barriers of entry being reduced across the board. The company will continue to exploit new technologies and techniques to take projects through development, production, post production, sales and finally, distribution. The result being the ability to deliver slates of films cost effectively, rivalling the production values of some American studios. Ratio Film will produce balance by participation across the whole spectrum of the business, not just production. To this end, the sales and distribution arm of the company intends to acquire product from other independent producers to be offered alongside its own productions.

The founders of Ratio Film, Richard Turner and Richard Hart, have a combined experience of over forty years in production and post production, in both the film and television industries. Between them, they have produced, co-produced, managed finance and overseen the post production of in excess of one hundred film and television projects.

Ratio was incorporated with a view to capitalising on their knowledge and experience of the industry in order to produce quality work that far outshines the perceived limitations of its budget. Their core ethos is that every penny should be spent carefully and creatively to ensure the film finance goes on the screen with as much efficiency as possible, with a view to developing quality product with a strong focus on the commercial side of film making.

  • Developing films and television productions.
  • Bringing those projects to realisation.
  • Selling and exploiting the realised productions.

The perception of independent film production is that at best it is a high risk proposition for investors. Ratio's ethos is to minimise the risk and maximise returns to its stakeholders.