2007 - New Opportunities

Founders Turner and Hart discuss the idea of starting a production company to capitalise on their experience in production and post production. They agree it's time to test their views on film and television production - to see if anyone salutes when they run them up the flag pole. It's a tough world out there and the 2008 collapse is about to happen.

Turner immediately heads off and instructs a small army of lawyers and accountants to get the company incorporated. He's convinced someone had overheard the new company's name, someone who might rush off and incorporate the company themselves and buy the domain name - a cyber squatter, no less. He beats them to it. The company is incorporated, the domain name purchased. Turner relaxes. Until he sees the lawyers' and accountants' bills.

Aware that there are very few British producers and production companies who have established themselves as strong brands without becoming subsidiaries of Hollywood studios, Turner and Hart decide dynamically and with energy to put their plans on hold.

There is an expectation that lady luck will come calling and the pair realise that the film distribution and broadcast industries will spot their talent, in any event.


We take projects from initial conception, through treatments (a sort of short story) and into scripts. We look for original projects, with commercial potential.

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We produce film and television projects. We take a script and package it with a director and cast and then raise the finance to make a television programme or feature film based upon that screenplay.

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Music Publishing

We encourage new and established musicians (composers and performers) by using their music on our film and television productions.  We help to nurture their talent by providing a platform and publishing their music.

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