1945 - WW2 Ends

The deaths of Hitler and Mussolini, the retreat and surrender of the German army in territories as diverse as Russia and the Channel Islands provide the backdrop to the creation of Ratio Film some sixty two years later.

The freedom won by the massed armies of the allies, whilst only indirectly linked to the subsequent incorporation of the fledgling Ratio Film company, nevertheless provided the requirement for the precursor to the European Union. European nations moved towards the creation of the Council of Europe, and the formation in 1950 of the European Coal and Steel Community expanded the cooperation. The six nations involved in this initial treaty were Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands. Notably absent from the team that brought this union together were Ratio Film founders, Turner and Hart. Today these countries are referred to as the "founding members" of the EU. Turner and Hart rather less impressively only started a small company, and it was quite a bit later.

During the 1950s, the Cold War, protests, and divisions between Eastern and Western Europe showed the need for further European unification. In order to do this, the Treaty of Rome was signed on March 25, 1957, thus creating the European Economic Community and allowing people and products to move throughout Europe. Throughout the decades additional countries joined the community. Again, Turner and Hart had nothing to do with this, although Turner once claimed he had been to Belgium. It transpired it was quite some time later, and he hadn't.


We take projects from initial conception, through treatments (a sort of short story) and into scripts. We look for original projects, with commercial potential.

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We produce film and television projects. We take a script and package it with a director and cast and then raise the finance to make a television programme or feature film based upon that screenplay.

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Music Publishing

We encourage new and established musicians (composers and performers) by using their music on our film and television productions.  We help to nurture their talent by providing a platform and publishing their music.

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